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Smart tablet

Technology is making life easier and easier.

If mobility challenges make getting up and down difficult, or arthritis makes manipulating cords and controls a challenge, a tablet may provide the assistance you need.  Just about everything in your home can now be controlled by just sliding a finger on a screen.  And text can be made easy to read.

  • Thermosat – to stay warm in the winter and stay cool in the summer.
  • Window coverings – for security at night and sunshine in the morning
  • Lighting – the entire home can be managed in one location
  • Pet doors – can be secured or opened remotely
  • Appliances – you can start the coffeemaker when you wake up, or a crock pot when you are away from home
  • Music – turn it down when the phone rings or up when you are inspired
  • Video – use your tablet to chat with your loved ones and see their smiling faces!

AND – if you have a smart phone, you can do all of this on the go as well.